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"Don't all shout at once" in German
7 votes

If you aim at an ironic effect (not a literal translation), you can also say Nicht so zahlreich!

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Is "es macht mir Freude" correct and used?
5 votes

Es macht mir Freude is grammatically correct, but sounds a little bit strange in everyday verbal communication. I'd use Es freut mich.

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How can we translate "Don't be a wuss (or cry-baby)" into German?
4 votes

As an alternative to Weichei you can also say Sei kein Waschlappen. Wikipedia says that this word (literally: washing mitt) can be used to describe a person with weak spirit. As far as I know, it'...

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How do you say “To whom it may concern” in German?
-1 votes

If you write a document that will be presented to an uknown party you can use Zur Vorlage (literally "For submission") instead of the greeting (instead of Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren).

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