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What does the Abkürzung (abbreviation) SV mean?
7 votes

Service und Versand. It looks like only some Jazz outfit in Frankfurt used this construction in a couple of their 2012 listings. It might be a mistake. Normally you'd see these charges (...

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Is there a German equivalent of "Get out of Jail free card"?
3 votes

der Freipass Technically, this is a document that lets you bring items into the country without paying duties. Metaphorically it can absolve you of other responsibilities. Example (found by ...

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How to translate "o.B." to English from German in relation to dismissal state from hospital
2 votes

I would just like to say, be careful: Use medical dictionaries, not just regular ones, and look for medical definitions, because often, seemingly-innocuous words have special technical meanings for ...

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"You got to be kidding me!" in German?
2 votes

Das kann doch nicht wahr sein! (That can't possibly be true!) communicates a level of astonishment that is included in "You've got to be kidding me!" Verarschen has an implication of making fun of ...

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What is the meaning of "Rumgejuxe"?
1 votes

The closer your word is to the proper, correct, precise, formal word for the action, the more respect you have for the way it's being done. If the word you use is close to, but not exactly "correct", ...

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