Daniel Budick

In a one-month-long workshop at Google in Dublin, Daniel learned how to solve high-impact business challenges using the Google Cloud, AI, and machine learning (ML). In a one week project, he applied this knowledge in a project collaborating with Google Engineers.

For one year, he used these newly learned skills in Europe's leading retail company for consumer electronics, gaining real-world experiences in data engineering, big data, Google Cloud, AI, and ML. Daniel worked six years as a freelancing Software Engineer for fortune 500 as well as small- and medium-sized ("German Mittelstand") enterprises. He has over ten years of experience as a programmer.

His favorite topics are data engineering, cybersecurity, web scraping, interactive data visualization in web apps, AI, and ML (with Tensorflow in the cloud and Tensorflow.js on the user's device). His favorite languages are: Python, JavaScript, and Node.js

Daniel speaks English and German fluently.

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