Craig Higgs is a poindexter living in the Lincolnshire Boon-docks. When he is not glued to his Linux computer in the garage’s computer hub or troubleshooting friends and family's computer issues, he can be found walking a miniature dachshund (sausage dog) , enjoying Dr Who and other sci-fi, practising his German(A1), and trying very hard not to be the worst cook in the country.

He primly uses Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Puppy Linux (and some time windows) and android phones. He has a large collection of various operating systems and their virtual machines, which he uses to try out various flavours of Linux and to test networking and ssh/VNC protocols..

Craig cut his teeth coding on version 1.1 of visual basic on an old Amstrad 464+ (Tape drive) hand me down. This may explain the impulse to buy a cheap old server with an LTO type 1 drive.

His first professional instruction in programming was at university, where he cut his teeth on C and Fedora. Although he was particularity fond of the Net Beans for IDE’s execution steps on F9

He later gained a penchant for Lubuntu and Lucid Puppy Linux due to their low resource requirement allowing operation on low power machines. As a result he is far more comfortable with those versions now.

Since then he has been working on a number of items including using docker and Virtual machines to provide access to a desktop from the browser of any machine.

When Craig has direction and sets his mind to something,it will be achieved.

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