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I am a computer scientist, but not very active in programming anymore because 15+ years ago I switched to consulting. I own the company and am a coach for agile and lean (multi) project management with frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, Theory of Constraints etc.

In my daytime job I do management consulting, training and coaching on the job for top management, project managers and teams.

My main area of interest here on StackOverflow is AspectJ. I am kind of an expert on this subject matter and like to answer related questions. I also happen to be the current AspectJ project lead. Sometimes, I also answer Spock/Geb test automation or plain Java questions.

Contact info: On SO, I miss the opportunity to directly contact other users via private messages. If you like to contact me concerning SO topics or about hiring me as an agile coach or AspectJ specialist, you may use (not abuse!)

  • Telegram (preferred): kriegaex
  • Gitter: kriegaex
  • Skype: kriegaex
  • WhatsApp: +49-176-20530702
  • contact form

Please only contact me, if

  • either you want to hire me for private premium support or for a project and have a budget for it,
  • or if I explicitly invited you to contact me in order to have a private discussion outside of StackOverflow.

Please do not contact me, if you only want to extort a favour such as free express support, because you think you are entitled to it, do not want to wait for an answer here and/or are in no mood to ask a proper question by providing a full MCVE. If you want to take this shortcut, please accept that it comes at a price and not for free. I am getting flooded by such requests almost every single day, so I need to limit it and want to be very clear about it.

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