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I'm a software developer since 1984.

I started with MSX Basic, then QuickBasic (and also AmigaBasic, then AMOS) and then VB (3 to 6).
I finally embraced VB.NET (I'm an MCP, Microsoft Certified Developer) since 2005.

I'm developing on Android since 2010.

I like playing with Arduino. Mostly making:

  • Small Robots
  • Synthesizers and
  • Sequencers
  • ...

Since 2014 I fell in love with Blender 3D and I'm developing an ever growing passion for this open source and very powerful 3D graphics software.

Since 2017 I've been trapped into the really expensive but amazingly fun world of Modular Synthesizers (I've choosen the popular Eurorack format)...

I've heard sounds you people wouldn't believe. Generative Music is my ultimate drug.

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