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Lately I've been reading the einreise law due to corona situation. I've noticed a use of these two words (lebensgefährte und lebenspartner), but after googling a bit couldn't find a differnce between them - both are translated as life partner (both to English and my native language Russian). I guess they are very similar, with a slight emotional or legal difference.

Specifically it's being used in the Hessen corona einreise VO regulations:

"Personen, die einreisen aufgrund des Besuchs von ... Lebensgefährtinnen, Lebensgefährten, Lebenspartnerinnen, Lebenspartnern oder ..."

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Lebenspartner, see DWDS, is the person you are married to or similarly legally connected with.

Lebensgefährten, Lebensgefährtinnen is just, who you currently happen to live with - no legal involvement.

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