I wanted to write:

Can you please tell me where can I find you?

so I wrote:

Können Sie mir bitte sagen, wo kann ich Sie finden?

I have two questions: The most important one - should I write

..., wo kann ich or ...,wo ich kann

I guess the question is does wo introduce a Nebensatz.

The other one is can I interchange the mir and the bitte?

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You're right in that your question introduces a subordinate clause (Nebensatz), but as such you need to follow the subordinate clause word order which is verb last. Thus, the correct sentence is:

Können Sie mir bitte sagen, wo ich Sie finden kann?

To me as a native speaker it would sound wrong to switch the positions of mir and bitte. I would stick to können Sie mir bitte, although I'm not entirely sure if it would count as wrong.

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