Which is the most common way a German native speaker would say

  • custom-made products
  • tailor-made products
  • tailored products
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    I think that Janka's answer nicely shows that this question is not answered by just looking at a dictionary and picking one entry at random, so can we please not close this? This is not a dictionary-replacement question, and neither is it about a translation of an individual text
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If it was clothing, the expression is maßgeschneidert.

Er kauft nur maßgeschneiderte Anzüge, nichts von der Stange.

He only buys tailored suits, not something off-the-rack.

For shoes, it's maßangefertigt, but that sounds a bit clumsy because of the three prefixes, so people use the noun Maßanfertigung instead.

In Schuhgröße 50 gibt es ohnehin nur noch Maßanfertigungen.

In shoe size 15 there are only custom-made products anyways.

For other items this is also common.

Sonderanfertigung means more than the size is special:

Dieser weiße Anzug mit Schlaghosen war eine Sonderanfertigung für Elvis.

This white suit with flares was custom-made for Elvis.

You can use this Sonder- prefix as you would use the word special in English.

Wir führen auch Sonderlösungen aus.

We also do special solutions.

But be careful, because Sondermodell means it's ready-made:

Der Golf GTI war anfangs als Sondermodell geplant.

The Rabbit GTI was planned as a special edition initially.

  • Even though maßgeschneidert literally is about clothing, it is also used often for other custom-made products e.g. IT-solutions. Apr 26 '19 at 7:15

Most common translations are

  • individuell gestaltetes/gefertigtes Produkt
  • personalisiertes Produkt
  • maßgeschneidertes Produkt


  • Produkt nach Kundenwünschen

Depending on context you can also say

  • Sonderanfertigung
  • Spezialanfertigung

I just want to add a common term for general products to the list:

  • kundenspezifisches Produkt

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