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What connotations does "Danke Schön" carry?

Guten abend! While learning German I've heard several different forms of "thank you", notably "danke schön". German teachers have previously told me this means "thank you very ...
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How to ask somebody if I may adress him/her with du in German?

I will have a B1 sprechen test in Goethe inistitue and I should handle a conversation with a partner. From perspective of examiner, one of the important points is, if the examnee can use properly the ...
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Gesprochene Sprache lernen

Können Sie mir bitte zwei Bücher oder Quellen empfehlen, die die folgenden Eigenschaften haben: Man soll damit die in Alltag gesprochene Sprache lernen können. Man soll damit Sätze oder Fragen (...
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Listening comprehension [closed]

Can someone please tell me what they are saying from 00:20 and forward in this audio file? Thank you very much advance
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Identify a conversation [closed]

Could someone please tell me what they are saying in 00:07 in this audio file? Thanks in advance
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7 answers

What's an indifferent way to answer "Wie geht's?"

I'm trying to be more expressive and nuanced in my German. In English, I can answer the question "How's it going? How are you?" in three different levels of energy: Indifferent/Lukewarm: "It's not ...
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47 votes
19 answers

Speaking German abroad and feeling condescended to when people speak English back to me

I've traveled to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and I found that in the big cities such as Berlin, Vienna, and Zurich a lot of people speak English. When I visited those cities I try to make the ...
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Wie soll ich in einem Zug um Hilfe fragen?

Ich fahre allein mit dem Zug von Wien nach Budapest und brauche Hilfe mit meinem Gepäck. Mein Gepäck ist sehr groß. Wie soll ich auf Deutsch um Hilfe fragen?
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