The last one that I have and have no idea what is it about! enter image description here

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Strengst reservirt(?)

Daß der gegenwärtig in Moskau lebende
Dr und Lec./Lic.(?)† der Theologie, Wilhelm August
Krahmer in früheren Jahren in hiesiger
St Jacobi Kirche wiederholt das heilige
Abendmahl gefeiert hat, wird hirmit
auf dem Grund des Kommunicanten-Ver-
zeichnißes(?) sub fide pastorali bescheinigt.

Göttingen, den 27. April 1841
Superint[endent] Pastor St. Jacobi

†"Lec.", i.e. "Lector der Theologie", would reference his teaching activity (as per your other document of 1841: Understanding an old handwritten document from 1850). Alternatively, "Lic.", i.e. "Licentiatus der Theologie", would reference his qualification to teach (which is mentioned in the same words in the other document: "Doctor philosophiae und Licentiatus theologiae").

‡Julius Hildtbrand or Hildebrand became Pastor of St. Jacobi in Göttingen in 1839: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julius_Hildebrand


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