I'm looking up in various dictionaries for IPA phonetics of words, but some dictionaries give me different pronunciations for "ei".

For example, lets look up for breit:

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Outside of IPA many companies and organizations use their own system to express phonetics, so somewhere on their website there should be a key to their pronunciation system.

One thing I noticed is that Hueber is seated in Munich, adaba are from Austria. Therefore some influence from Bavarian dialect may be the cause of a different pronunciation recommendation, even though in Bavaria "breit" is pronounced more like [broàd].

Duden, and Pons both reference the "ARD-Aussprachedatenbank", which is the standard pronunciation recommended for the TV stations.


It seems that they just chose a different representation for the same diphthong. You may want to read this paragraph in Wikipedia, even though it lacks a citation.

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