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"[des] Glückes genug" could also mean the end of happiness as in "Sprach: des Glückes genug! – Und er sandte den Todes-Engel" [Said: enough happiness - and he sent the Angel of Death] [ [23]] So we can not rule out that a situation is meant where a child is not happy any more, e.g. it was happy with a ...


"Glückes" is indeed in Genitiv here "des Glück[e]s" the "e" isn't usually added anymore as far as my experience goes. The title "(des) Glückes genug" fits quite well with "Enough happiness" less so with "perfect happiness" or "Happiness overflowing". Note that you can also turn it around ...


It could be the result of leaving off "Des Glückes genug", a (slightly oldfashioned) way of saying "Enough of Happiness", perhaps in the sense of "Happiness overflowing".


Die Präposition statt wird standardsprachlich mit dem Genitiv benutzt, bei Pronomen und umgangssprachlich aber auch mit dem Dativ.

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