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As how so often, I think there are regional differences. I am from Austria. Born 1965 in Graz (capital city of Styria, one of the 9 states of Austria), grown up there, moved 1997 to Vienna and from there 2016 to St. Pölten (capital city of Lower Austria). 1a, 1b I've heard both versions. But in colloquial speech (which is strongly influenced by dialects ...


Both sentences are grammatically correct and semantically equal. However, semantically I'd call both sentences (equally) wrong. In general The keyword here is the term Nachfeld. The grammatical information system of the IDS (Leibniz Institute for the German Language) says: Das Nachfeld kann in allen drei Verbstellungstypen [...] besetzt sein, muss aber ...


In response to a similar question, I found this answer particularly helpful. Following the logic of that answer, it appears that the sentence Wir kriegen das hin mit MyTems. puts the emphasis on being able to do something, whereas Wir kriegen das mit MyTems hin. puts the emphasis on MyTems as being the way that the objective will be achieved.


You can refer to the last part of your sentence as something on his own: Wir kriegen das hin, mit MyTems. Or even more isolated: Wir kriegen das hin. Mit MyTems! Not that it is always used in this way, because the usage depends on someones way of talking. Your example is also correct.

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