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"Penner" as an insult?

from a misplaced comment by @user1934428 to another question Literally, a Penner is someone who is asleep. Whether a word itself is an insult usually depends on the way it is used. When I'm with ...
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Das - demonstrative pronoun - can be used to point to a noun, but not after it's known

There are "usual" demonstrative pronouns, introducing demonstrative pronouns and correlates which look pretty the same when they appear in a sentence, but they behave different: ...
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Why "im selben" but also "in demselben"?

While im might look like a contraction, it doesn't behave as one: im and in dem are not distributionally equivalent.* For some examples, see this answer or Maria Cieschinger, The Contraction of ...
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Why "im selben" but also "in demselben"?

Beside der-/die-/dasselbe, there's also der-/die-/dasjenige. Both are demonstrative pronouns as der/die/das itself, dieser/diese/dieses, jener/jene/jenes, solcher/solche/solches. Other tricky ...
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Historischer Gebrauch des Begriffs "Kanakermann"

Tja, ich habe keine auswertbaren Quellen, aber ein Seemann, dem ich vor etwa 30 Jahren mal in einer unangenehmen Situation half, hat mich als "Guter Kanakermann" bezeichnet. Also sollte ja ...
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